Mummy Instinct??

Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by MissC, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. MissC

    MissC Guest

    Anyone got it?!?!?!
    Or hade it before 20 week scan??
  2. xforuiholdonx

    xforuiholdonx Momma to Emma and Coltin!

    Aug 15, 2009
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    I did, and still do. With my first pregnancy, I knew something was wrong. Just had a horrible feeling at 12+4 when I went in and they tried to hear the heartbeat. When it wasnt there, I knew my baby was gone, and had been gone for almost a week.
    With the second pregnancy, I just knew she was a girl. and obviously, she was :D. a bit of a happier memory in the mommy instinct section.
  3. MissC

    MissC Guest

    Aww hun im sorry about your loss :hugs:
    Aww ^_^
    Your daughter is beautiful by the way :)

    I think i have mummy instinct already!!!!
    Telling me :pink:
  4. caramelKSSxx

    caramelKSSxx Guest

    Defffffinitely !

    Mines a bit of a weird story, but basically I knew I was preggo even before I knew I was actually preggo. I can't tell you how many negative hpts I got, but it's somewhere more than 10... I just knew something was up though. And, of course, when I got it checked out, I was right. And I'm already trying to save my baby from the world and they aren't even here yet! I used to be a junk-food junkie but I've cut that out :p

    I'm thinking I'm gonna be team blue. Dunno why I just really have a feeling. I'll be happy with whichever :) have you thought of any names yet?
  5. MissC

    MissC Guest

    You must know your body very well then :D
    What make you think :blue: then?
    Or is it just one of them feelings :D

    Ive got two names for each sex i LOVE

    Louelle Olivia
    Lily or Lilia

    Harrison (Harry)

    Is see you have names, are you sticking to them??

  6. caramelKSSxx

    caramelKSSxx Guest

    Haha I guess I must!
    Ive been reading up on all the old wives tales about gender of baby and from what I gather im pointing in the "boy" direction. But of course, I could be totally off!
    I love all of those names really. Lilia and Noah especially!
    I **think** I'm sticking with those names. They're the names OH and I both agreed on first, but always subject to change. I really like the name Shawn for a boy too so we might have to fight over that :p
  7. MissC

    MissC Guest

    Yh ive taken a few gender things online and ALL have said boy but i still think girl :p
    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Noah sososososo much but OH doesn't :(
    I love both Jaiden and Jaslyn i like Jaslyn a tiny bit more though :D
    Shawn is sososososo cute
  8. megan09

    megan09 Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2010
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    I had instinct all the way up to about 19 weeks that it was a little boy, then all of a sudden I was certain it was a girl. Found out at 22 w 5 d that it was a girl :) xx
  9. caramelKSSxx

    caramelKSSxx Guest

    Aww I love the name Noah, I think it's adorable!
    Thanks :) I picked Jaslyn hehe OH really likes Jaiden.
    Do you have a preference for either sex?
  10. MissC

    MissC Guest

    Aww ^_^ what made you change your mind??

    It is :D
    You have good taste then!
    Not really
    Do you?
  11. oOskittlesOo

    oOskittlesOo Guest

    I'm feeling the we way!! I'm only 5 weeks, and I'm already feeling like i should be watching out for baby whatever i do. I love it actually,i think becoming a mommy is the best thing that'll ever happen to me.
  12. caramelKSSxx

    caramelKSSxx Guest

    I don't care either way, I'll love em no matter what:) I just wanna have em already lol I'm not even a quarter of the way there yet :( Are you scared about being a mommy?
  13. caramelKSSxx

    caramelKSSxx Guest

    That's just how I feel. I'm scared and nervous but at the same time Knowing I'm gonna have a little boy/girl calling me Momma soon makes me just so excited :cloud9:
  14. x__amour

    x__amour Mommy.

    Jun 28, 2010
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    I knew from the beginning she was a girl! :D
  15. oOskittlesOo

    oOskittlesOo Guest

    Thats for sure. I can't wait and i agent hardly my first ultrasound. I don't want to get my hopes up, but its so hard not to..
  16. caramelKSSxx

    caramelKSSxx Guest

    I have my first on this upcoming Tuesday, do you know when you'll be going for yours?
  17. EffyKat

    EffyKat Mammy 2 a gorgeous prince

    Jan 2, 2010
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    I knew I was pregnant before I did a test, because I craved milk for almost 2 weeks. I HATE milk. And then I just knew he was a boy, and I also knew I'd not go to my due date. I was ten days early. And now, that instinct has gotten stronger. I just know when my baby is crying, even if I'm asleep and I know exactly what he wants.
  18. oOskittlesOo

    oOskittlesOo Guest

    I haven't gold my parent yet.. I'm still trying to figure out how to tell em. /: my first appointment will probably be in a week or two. Its easy to get into the obgyn offices where I'm from so its still getting played by when i get the balls to say it.. lol.
  19. Burchy314

    Burchy314 Guest

    I knew from the very begining that I was going to have a girl!!! I also knew that I was pregnant before taking a test (me and OH were trying and I knew would happen the first time trying)
  20. lizardbreath

    lizardbreath Guest

    With Jaymee I knew from the day I took the test she was a Girl , and I was on team yellow. But I still knew she was a girl , people would say your having a boy and I just fluffed it off because I knew she was a girl no doubt in my mind.

    I also Had Jaymees Name picked out Far Far before I was even pregnant

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