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    Hi everyone,

    I had gone to a party yesterday with my husband and it was a buffet. I was holding my plate and then dropped a fork and I bent low on my knees, putting pressure on my legs (I heard this is the way to bend) to pick it up. I lost my balance and fell but not on my stomach, only on my bent knees. Of course, the people around me came to my rescue and nothing happened but still I suppose some pressure was put in that direction :(. Ten minutes later my muscles are all over the place and aching and my whole upper stomach feels tight and stretched. It is not a crampy, uterus pain feeling but as if I have been working out too much?

    Of course, baby's kicking away inside, oblivious to mommy's pain, and even woke me up at 5 am for a shot of tea (which seems to calm him/her down). Today, the muscle pains have eased but are still there on my pubic bone and a little above, on the left and right especially, and there is pain in my vagina, and in my butt (quite literally), like pressure. I have a very mild case of SPD (oh joy:cloud9:), so don't know when that will start acting up and I have a low-lying placenta.

    I know I am paranoid but this is my first pregnancy. Is everything okay? Will the baby be fine? I am sorry to ask what is quite obviously a lame question but you know :wacko:


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