My baby boy has arrived healthy by successful VBAC

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    My August 13th baby was born August 19th. After having a membrane sweep at my checkup, I went into Labor the next morning. My contractions slowly progressed. I stayed at home as long as I could from 9am to 10:30pm.After that the contractions were really strong and I went to the hospital and was 5cm dialated. They gave me an epidural I went to sleep till about 4:15am. Then I felt preassure from the baby's head, so I asked the nurse to come to my room and she checked me and said I was ready to start pushing. So she called the on- call doctor and the rest of the team to come in to the room to deliver the baby. They gave me some pitocin and I was told to push only when I was having a contraction. After pushing about 9 times my baby boy was born via successful VBAC. He was born at 4:47am. He weighed 7lbs and 6oz. I had a great experience. I am so glad I opted for a VBAC!
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    Congratulations to the little man and congratulations on the successful vbac!
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    Congratulations!! :)

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