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    Not sure if anyone will read this but it’s more for my own reflection.
    Our first baby was due 3/02/18. I’ve had complications with health conditions which meant I’ve had losses so we were closely monitored in first trimester. However everything was well so we were good to try for a lower risk birth.

    At 33+5 I mentioned to my midwife he seems quieter and I had some dull eoriod cramps. Went to triage to be told I was contracting. Wasn’t dilated and my premature birth test came back 1 in 30 for the next week. I was kept in for 4 days and a bed booked in SCBUfor baby. Steroids given and drugs to stop labour given. I was sent home Christmas Eve with strict instructions on what to do if I got worse.

    Boxing Day I ended up throwing up and contracting badly so was in again overnight. The pains then calmed again although still present so sent home again.

    At 35+4 I saw my midwife and she suggested meeting consultant to book jn induction around 37/38 weeks due to contractions but she felt I wouldn’t make that appointment as she could “see” signs of labour.

    Well bang on midnight on 6th&/‘ I turned 36 weeks and at exactly midnight my waters went. Was in bed was woken with the sense to poop just as I was coming too o felt angish that kept coming. Oh was in spare room because I was snoring so kept shouting in him but he has a deep sleep. Eventually gushing stopped enough so I ran to toilet and yelled on him. He got himself ready, packed the rest of my bag and I called hospital. Got in at 1am, they looked at my pad on the toilet floor and said “yes yours waters don’t even need to test that”. Was sent to ante natal ward around 2am. By 4:30 cocodamol wasn’t even hitting the sides of the contractions and I was moved to labour suite. I had gas and air and then by 8am was asking for an epidural. My contractions went from 1 Monroe being manageable to the next being unbearable. I got my epidural at 8:30am. Baby’s heart beat was dipping and the monitors weren’t getting a good trace so I consented to have monitors on his scalp.

    At 9:30 I told them I had a funny sensation in my right gym cheek. Like cramp. They said to roll over as baby was dipping. I did so but couldn’t get comfy. At 9:45 I said again I felt very sore and very like I needed to poop. They said I was only 3cm when thenprobes were fitted at 8:45 so I couldn’t have gone that quick. His heart beat dipped again and the sensation wouldn’t go so at around 10 the midwife checked me. Suddenly the button wa stressed and a doctor and another midwife came in. Doctor explained quickly that baby needed out now and that she was going to use forceps and hope thenepodrial would be enough to tide me over. Legs went into stirrups and I said I wanted to push. She said I was only getting 2/3 attempts before she used forceps and she would use very gentle forceps to hell. Midwife said I was contracting so I pushed, head almost out. Pushed again and his head was out. Final third push and he was born at 10:59. We seen him but his cry wasn’t great and he was taken out for 10mins. He was then brought back in blankets and eventually around mid day we got skin to skin and a breast feed.

    Turned out he had basically “fallen” down the birth canal as my contractions were going too quick for him. He was born weighing 6lbs 3oz called Harry :). He’s been in intensive care since day 3 due to breathing issues and colour changing with feeding but is amazing in every way.

    Later on I discovered that he needed stimulation for 1 mins 30 secs when he was born. He was born with cord around his neck. We are still in hospital because of him being in special care now and I’m breast feeding on demand so have to stay until he’s ready for discharge. He’s had every blood test and scan imaginable but can’t find why he’s had this extra time. Although he’s not overly premature he presented a little younger although we are certain of dates I guess there is still a week or sky gap so he may have actually been 35 weeks. I’m so proud of him
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    Congrats! Sounds like he’s doing so well - way to go mama. :)
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    Congratulations lovely.

    So happy for you xxx
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    Congratulations hun! I'm so happy for you! I hope you and baby get to go home soon :)

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