My daughter won't latch to the breast with the blocked duct... HELP!

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by kim81, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hi All! My daughter is almost 2 weeks old and I've already had a blocked duct (Since Sunday the 6th of Nov.) and mastitis. I'm taking meds for mastitis, but the duct just isn't working itself out! We're trying everything:

    -massage, we rented a hospital grade pump which is more powerful, warm bath/showers, hand expressing, everything EXCEPT my daughter won't take that breast. She will with a shield, which we are trying to wean her off of, but won't at all without. I am pumping too each time. So the standing above her hold won't work, and neither will trying to get her to try to suck it out. I don't know what to do, I keep reading about people having tons of luck getting them out and I feel like I'm stuck! Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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    I used to get these a lot. I actually found them easier to shift with a pump than with feeding as you can get your hands around it more easily and give it a good firm massage. I got rid of mine by doing the following:
    Firm massage while pumping, pump every couple of hours off that side
    Hot bath, whilst firmly massaging to nipple
    Lying in bed with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel applied to the area

    The massage has to be really quite hard, I literally used to really dig in with my knuckles. It burst like crazy, but does the job. I would also find they would resolve but still be a little tender for a few days. Good luck!
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    Have you tried latching her with different positions? She might be uncomfortable with the way you are holding her or you might be uncomfortable and that's how you ended up with the clogged duct! I was so uncomfortable trying to sit up and do all the holds that the LCs want you to use. After a couple weeks I got more comfortable and we started nursing pretty much anyway I was laying. If I am on my back he nurses "down under", on the couch with my feet up, I lay him across my belly, sidelying in bed, etc. Try getting comfy, latch LO on and tuck her chin & shoulders into ur breast to open her airway. I think the pillows make it worse.

    Apologies if you are already doing this but I am thinking a hangs in position might make you both more comfortable and empty the duct! Have you tried latching her on while standing over her? I bet she won't know the difference, just careful your letdown isn't too fast in that position for her. Great job so far!

    Just noticed, i frequent the outlet mall by you! There are a couple AP parenting and BWI groups near Grayslake area if you are interested. I am on the South side, soma little far for me but might be ok one you get settled with LO.

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