My *final* bp check

Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by reallytinyamy, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. reallytinyamy

    reallytinyamy Mum and step mum

    Nov 29, 2007
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    So having come off the blood pressure tablets 2 weeks ago I had my check up today....and its 126/96 :cry:

    I have to take my bp every day now and e mail it to my GP. I may be referred to the hospital:cry:

    The thing is, he looked up my blood pressure readings over the last 3 years and says my diastolic blood pressure seems dangerously erratic. It seems that my pregnancy and labour could have uncovered a serious problem that I have had for ages.

    He also said that the only time my blood pressure has been stable was while I was pregnant, although he said he has concerns about my midwife :shock: he seems to think that she kept recording the wrong bp to avoid having to deal wth a problem. (it would have been clearer as I never really had it done regularly before)(remember this is the woman who when my glucose load test came back at over 10 :shock: took 5 weeks to reffer me!)

    So all in all, a pretty piss poor show all round. I'm really annoyed- in fact I'm absolutely fuming. I knew that midwife was a complete waste of space. :hissy:
  2. isil

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    Nov 15, 2007
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    oh gosh! this sucks!!! Glad that it's getting dealt with now but maybe you should make a complaint about stupid sucky midwife?!
  3. Serene123

    Serene123 Guest

    What's the point in complaining to be honest they wouldn't do anything anyway. Sorry you got treated so badly. Hope it all gets sorted now x
  4. Teel

    Teel Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2008
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    Theres just no excuse for her incompetance is there! Its peeves me off when people are so damm stupid. Thtas just so irresponsible is your MW did that to you- high BP is quite risky.

    I too are also on tablets for high BP- im worried that its a problem that has been uncovered just after labour and pregnancy cos my BP has been very stable throughout until after i gave birth. Pretty much in the same predicament as yourself hun. Hope your BP goes down to normal reading and you dont have to be referred. Good luck.
  5. keelykat

    keelykat Guest

    Hey i've been on bp meds for about a year and a half BEFORE getting pregnant, and i hate having to keep taking them every day. Although my blood tests came back good, my weight then was good, dont drink or smoke etc so they couldnt work out why it went up. But i know stress is a big factor with me, but its still a tad too high for their liking even when its controlled.

    I hope yours sorts itself out soon, big hugs. x x

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