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My friend is Pregnant :-(


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Sep 3, 2006
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Today I found out that my friend is 11 weeks pregnant and she only tested last night ( and twice again today at work) cos her periods were all over so didnt think anything of it....

I am really happy for her but TOTALLY GUTTTED too :-(

x :( :( :(
Awwwwwwwwww babe :hugs:

It must be so hard TTC and then having to put on a brave smile when people around you get their BFP...............I know I would find it very hard!

Well your time will come babe, so keep smiling & keep that chin up :wink:

aww hun i know exactly how you feel i have been trying since i came off the pill in march and i did my head in in the end because nothing was working then end of july i caught but unfortunetly i misscarried august 14th and there was girl i am friendly with she was supposed to be due 2 days after me and she is 9 weeks pregnant i know i should be the same as her but i found it hard that i knew i should have been pregnant too and it was hard i know its also hard ttc when you think its worked and you get that dissapointment good luck anyway take care xxx :)
Donna keep your chin up hunny :hugs: x
Goshhhh this aint happening to me.... come to work and my best mate as just come off holiday and went to docs yesterday with stomach pains, she is 9 weeks preggers, she thoughts her last short period 8 weeks ago was a period but it was implantation as it was very light and 2-3 days.

I am sat in my office in tears.....

Thinking about going to the docs with OH to see if they can help us along cos I really think there is something wrong..... My OH as 2 kids to previous relationship who are 16 and 11 now so it must be me????

So sad........... but so happy for her. She wasnt even trying!!!!
Donna IF there is a problem just because he has 2 children does NOT mean the problem is you! It can still be him BUT it doesn't mean either of you have a problem!

How long have you been TTC?

Were you on the pill previously?
Hi Wobbles,

i have not been on the pill for over 18mths and have been TTC for 7 months now .....

I just wish I could know if I could get pregnant then I would feel better.
Want my advice?

I'd be telling my quack I'd been TTC for 18 months! :wink:

We told similar porkies!
Thx wobbles but I went to the docs about 6 weeks ago with really bad pain in my left side and he asked if I could be pregnant and said it sounded like I could be and asked how long I had been trying and I told him 6 months!!!! Whoopsss... anyways turned out I wasnt pregnant.

I should chart but that would stress me more and I am hopeless on mornings.

How did the doc help you two..... can they give you anything to spur it on??? lol

I have seen on the net OVULAX - is this worth trying ????
OK ... So what you do is go back LOL ...

Bring up your concerns with him in a general fashion & a matter of fact type way say you have been TTC for 6 months but have been having unprotected sex & silenetly not but hoping for 18 months ONLY 6 of those months you guys starting seriously TTC'ing using OPKs checking CM (lie lie lie) LOL etc ....

You don't have to temp early - Depends, what time do you usually wake up? Also charting doesn't have to make you go loopy, depends on your thinking when you start in your case your just trying to confirm your ovualting not using it as a 'HAVE to BD NOW' :wink:
Sounds good to me.... I can blag that!! ;-)

Can you tell me the best time to start charting... I did it about 2 months ago for a week and it was 35.6 nearly every day then rose to 36.2 which was mid cycle - What did that mean?????

I get up at 6am each week day.... so do i not have to move before I have taken temp? lol

OH just called to say that e as made a doc appt for next tues.... we are at seperate docs....
I agree with what wobbles said....
if you say that you've been having unprotected but not doing all the OPKs etc they will still start doing tests and stuff for you which should put your mind at rest

Good luck :twisted:

Charting Hmmm you need a 2 decimal point thermometer!


This one!

An yip have it beside your bed & take your temp when you wake before you get out of bed :D
Thanks Hayley, Thanks Wobbles.... your keeping me sane right now but proper choked on tears... not been this emotional about this before..... could cry all the time at the moment..... 6 days to AF arriving!!! GREAT!!!!
:hugs: Aww Donna!

It is shit an it's normal to feel as you do now! I struggled quite bad but have started relaxing more! I still feel :( when I see bumps all over the place.
Your amazing wobbles with what you have been through... wish I had your strength.

Just got an appointment with docs next weds at 2.40pm.... AF will be here by then......

Will she need to examine me ???? If so I am best waiting till AF as buggered off???
Don't think she will - If she does she will book you another appointment. From your quacks you get referred to the infertility clinic, there are some tests they can do from the surgery - Blood tests :D
Good luck Donna, and as Wobbles says, exaggerate the truth to get things moving in your favour :wink: xx
Hi donna do you have regular cycles if so probably you have heared that durimg the middle of your cycle you ovulate not sure if this will help but why dont you buy ovualtion test as this will help to pinpoint when ovulation will occur i came off pill in march we were ttc i knew that it woul dtake sometime for the pill to get out of my system but in the end i bought ovulation tests and the first time i used them i got pregnant why dont you get some and see what happens you maybe lucky if this helps go on ebay and you can get 10 ovulation tests for £2.20 they atre called oncall they are brill loads of baby dust to you good luck xxxxxxxxxx

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