My menopause and my daughter!

Discussion in 'Your Health & Wellbeing' started by hellohefalump, Feb 8, 2020.

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    Hey guys! I literally haven’t logged into this forum for years, but I have a question?

    my daughter is 12, nearly 13 and she started her periods last September

    I am 34, and have been showing menopause signs for a couple of years now. I know I’m young, but early menopause runs in my family.
    Anyway, I’ve not had a proper period in about a year and a half now. But recently, when my daughter gets her period, I start showing symptoms aswell!! Every month my boobs hurt and grow a bit. Today she got hers and I’m having a very small bleed myself along with period pains!

    ive heard that women who live together synchronise their cycles, but this is just wierd because like I said, I’m starting my menopause and I’ve not had periods for over a year! Wtf?!? Is this even possible???
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    I'm not sure hun but early menopause runs in my family too, my gran was in her early 40s, my mum is 48, but shes had the coil for the past 10 years but shes adamant she started the menopause a few years ago, I'll probably be the same. It's funny because we were all early starting our periods, My mum was 9 and I was 10, my daughter is 8 and is showing some hormones at the moment, with being extremely angry and tearful which isnt like her, shes also starting to develop little lumps in her breasts, and the poor thing is just 8! I dont think periods will be long about... I just hope she doesnt start early menopause, as do I!!
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    I think this is rather sweet. It's weird, sure, but menstrual cycles do tend to align, I can say it from my own experience. Maybe this will actually help you enter menopause a bit later, who knows.

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