My post pregnancy "Balloon Belly" story

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    Hello Ladies! I joined because I wanted to share my story in hopes it will help some of you find answers to why your belly looks, and feels like a balloon.

    I had my first baby in 2012. My body bounced back wonderful and all the other mothers were jealous. It felt great!

    Then in December of 2015 I had Twin Boys. I've always, even fully pregnant with twins, looked normal from behind. My belly goes straight out and my sides stayed skinny. My belly was so far out it shocked people!

    After I had my boys my belly was a balloon. It felt like a balloon and looked like I was 6 months pregnant. The doctor said if it didn't go down I should let him know. A couple months later, with the belly just as balloony as ever I saw the doctor and he said I had Diastasis Recti.

    Working out the muscles didn't work because if you sit up the wrong way, or pick up something the wrong way (like picking up a kid) or it seemed looking at it wrong would mess up any exorcise I did. I was told to loose weight so I tried that.

    I went on the Keto diet and did amazing. I went from 180s to the 140s. I'm fairly tall so this was a monumental achievement for me. However I still had the balloon belly.

    I felt my only option was surgery which we couldn't afford so I was stuck with looking 6 months pregnant. Kids and adults would ask when I was due. Nothing fit, nothing looked good, shapeware was a joke and I had a very hard time covering it up.

    I asked 2 other doctors and they all said I needed to strength train my muscles. I felt all hope was lost until my kids didn't have to be picked up, or I has surgery.

    I did have another girl. I did c-section and had the doctor sew my muscles. It didn't help. That was in 2019.

    Finally during Easter of 2020, over 5 years after I had my twins, I had a breakthrough!

    I got really sick. Chained to the bathroom if you know what I mean. For the first time in forever my belly didn't look pregnant!

    My balloon belly did have diastasis recti but the real problem was chronic bloat. For some reason I had perpetual bloating for over 5 years. I was mis-diagnosed by 3 doctors who didn't mention that at all. I didn't find that answer on any forum ether.

    I did finally talk to someone else who was going through the same thing and they said they did a cleanse and then their belly went down also. The keto died did get rid of fat but I guess not whatever was causing the bloat. I'm not a doctor but I feel there was some sort of blockage, not sure how it was there for that long though.

    Now my belly looks normal! A little lose skin and a little fat that feels like fat and not taunt or balloony any more. I can fit into shapewear and I get complemented on how good I look. I'm motivated to loose weight again and workout again, since this time it'll actually show.

    I've dragged this story on long enough. I hope it has helped some of you get some answers. I'm interested in hearing if anyone else is going through what I went through. Thanks for reading!

    Fully Pregnant With Twins

    Midway Into Keto Diet (this is the belly I suffered with for over 5 years)

    4th Of July 2021 (After my breakthrough)

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