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    Put your desired amount of pasta or spaghetti (or both in my case) in a saucepan (or pans) and cover in boiling water from your kettle. Heck, we all know how to do pasta, lol. Make sure you have more water than to just cover it, all it may boil dry. With spaghetti, i start it off with the ends sticking up out of the saucepan, then use a fork after a few minutes to push the rest in.
    Put your desired amount of Put the beef in a large saucepan and start cooking it ^_^
    Once the beef is nearly cooked, drain of as much fat as you can without spilling the beef (which is what i usually do, lol) then add the carrots. Turn the heat down a little. If you aren't adding carrots, add the mushrooms now. If you have added carrots, wait a while before adding the mushrooms or the carrots will be under done (or the mushrooms over done, depending on which one you're watching to see when its done ^_^ )
    Add the tin of tomatoes. Stir well so everything's mixed. Give your pasta / spaghetti a bit of a stir too so it doesn't get stuck to the bottom too much.
    Crumble in the oxo cubes slowly, stirring them in while you're adding.
    Turn the heat down on the meat sauce, and wait for your pasta / spaghetti to cook.
    Dish it up with a nice helping of cheese!
    Eat time!
    Washing-up. OPTIONAL! ^_^

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