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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by Twag, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Hi all hoping someone can share some wisdom with me as I am at a loss, my 3 year old daughter (4 in November) bites her nails and to the point that she is now biting the skin and making them look very sore - I have tried the bitter nail varnish doesn't work, I have tried putting on glittery nail varnish and nothing - any ideas :shrug:
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    Did this all my life. For me, it was a definite anxiety thing. Nothing my mum did helped either.

    I'd try investigating the cause of the biting.

    I did manage to finally stop the nail biting when I was 19 but still bite my skin obsessively to this day. I am extremely anxious and it is much worse when I am having a flare up.
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    I also bite my nails I hate it but like PP said it’s an anxiety thing and my mum tried everything too .

    DD1 started biting her nails so obviously I thought it was an anxiety thing too, but thankfully hers was just a phase.

    Does she do it at certain times? , maybe you could distract her with a toy etc when you notice her doing it. Hopefully hers is just a phase too DD1 was around the same age as your DD when she started it .
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    Similar situation for me, never bit my nails but the skin around them was horrendous from biting that! I also chew my cheeks and the left side of my tongue to within an inch of its life wondering whether or not I am actually eating my own tongue since hearing it doesn't grow back. I'm now re-evaluating my own life :)

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