Nearly the birth day!!! and I wanted to share something with you

Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by Welshcob, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Welshcob

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    I keep thinking what a miracle this little baby is. What a gift. But with the birth coming up and I am scared! I really am scared stiff and now have a date to be induced. Its led me to think of the freaky things that FOB had said to me shortly before I found out I was pregnant. I'd love your opinions.

    Well being at a birth I am told is the most miraculous thing! Imagine seeing your baby take its first breath!

    Well listen to this and tell me if you think the guys a nut job!!! because I think he is and all the more stupid!!! But ofcourse had I suggested such a thing, he would have said it was just my opinion.

    He said shortly before this pregnancy that he could not see any point to his being or happiness until he figured out how magnets worked! And when cells developed conciousness!
    What a weird thing!! and I said to him, " are you telling me that you can't be happy until you figure that out? Because you'll never figure that out, and are you saying that if you should, your life would suddenly be fulfilled."

    I suggested to him that maybe he would find life a bit more fulfilling if he stopped being totally self consumed and once - just once thought of someone else and just once tried to empathise and put himself in someone elses shoes! Something he has been totally unable to do.

    So here I am thinking - what an utter freak :wacko: and a hole he is...because hes missing something far greater than how freaking magnets work or when cells develop conciousness. Hes missed the life we created growing and hes missing his childs first breath! What do you make of that???:dohh:
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    Typical man me thinks!
    Theres always something more important going on in their heads....

    And magnets????????? Seriously????? :haha:

    Ahhh i bet your sooooo excited :D:D:D:D
  3. sleepinbeauty

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    He sounds like my asshole of an ex. He's 21 years old and truly believes he's some wise old man. Give me a goddamn break. *rolls eyes* He's always going on about these kinds of things and how he's so much smarter than I am and blah blah blah.

    Yeah, this is one of the reasons I left him. That and he blew his roommate at college and told me that I should understand because I'm bi, like that's an excuse. But that's another story.
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    Magnets??!!! Are these guys for real?? Who gives a flying f*ck!! Stupid men :haha:

    He's not bothered how a load of cells can form into an amazing tiny baby, he's more concerned how magnets work, your better off without him if you ask me, he would annoy me sooooooo much!!!!


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