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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Siinead_x0, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Hi girlires.. i was admitted to hosp yesterday thinking my water had broken but they havent, but they found that my cervix is very soft & only 1cm long :S so they kept me in overnight as precaution & give me 2 doses of th injection to mature babys lungs incase she plans on coming early lol..

    I was supposed to get my cervix checked again ths morning before i went home but didnt, so dont know what way it is now! I've having very bad pains all over my stomach & back since Tuesday, told them about this & they said it was probably only ligaments stretching.. Was put on th machine to monitor babys heartbeat & any tightenings twice, babys heartbeat is fine but th percentage of tightenings kept reaching 30 this morning.. dont know what this means though :S

    Im very confused about my hospital visit as I dont understand what was wrong with me & every time i asked it still wasnt explained right..

    Was hoping you lovely ladies could help me out a bit =)

    Has this happened to any of you's before? & do you think baby might be planning on arriving early than expected?


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