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    Hello! I am 31 years old and my husband and I have been TTC for 6 months using the fertility calendar and monitoring CM. We have been together for 8 years and for 7 of those years I haven't been on birth control. We used condoms every so often but for the most part we used the 'pull out" method (sorry for lack of better words). I have been seeing a fertility doctor for a few months and have had the hormone tests (progesterone levels were 3.7), the HSG (blocked on one tube, but other is fine), and my husband had an SA and checked out fine. I do have quite a bit of hair on my chin and neck and I have to wax once a week and pluck every day. I also have hair on my nipples and have found a few on my chest. I have 32 day cycles and am VERY regular. Although I have horrible cramps and am VERY heavy for the first few days of my period. What is strange is that my doctor says that I do not ovulate, but I have all the stages of CM and I even get the ovulation pains that rotate back and forth from each side each month. I always thought I knew exactly when I ovulated. I even did OPKs a few months ago and got a positive. So now my doctor's nurse tells my that she is referring me to an endocrinologist and since one tube is not blocked I can still get pregnant. What I don't understand is WHY did she not put me on clomid if I still have a good tube and the problem is that I am not ovulating. I don't understand and have been left feeling even more frustrated than before I even went to the doctor. Someone please help me to understand why she is sending me to someone else, what can I do, and is there hope?!!?

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