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Discussion in 'Baby Names' started by AriannasMama, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. AriannasMama

    AriannasMama Guest

    Hubby and I are TTC but have already chosen names but I just thought of another one for a girl, so opinions please!

    Alana Isabelle or Isabelle Alana
    and do you like Alana pronouced better as Ah-Lay-Na or Uh-La-Na

    the boy name we have chosen is Isaiah Ari (Ari is pronouced Ahh-ree and means lion of God).

    Last name is Stokes if you like to sound it all out, lol.

    Also, we are an interracial couple so we don't want a race specific sounding name, if that makes sense, lol.
  2. sing<3

    sing<3 Guest

    Absolutely love Isaiah Ari <3 that's gorgeous! :)
    And really like both girls' names too - we must have similar taste or something :haha:
    Fx'd for a speedy :bfp: for you :flower: xx

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