new some new foods to give my 7 month old BLW

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by Wriggley, May 31, 2011.

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    Apr 16, 2010
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    My lo is currently BLW but i feel like im going him the same stuff over and over again so id like some new foods if anyone would like to suggest any?

    I worry that my LO is not eaching much so i do give him a fruit puree each day to at least get a LITTLE into him as he dont swallow THAT much just yet but hes getting quite good at chewing now so he is starting toactually swallow a little more

    for breki hes having toast because he wont have anything spoon fed but il like to give him something else to add variety?

    also what sorta meals do u give your LO? i need some inspiration to get him a variety of foods :)
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    Dec 12, 2010
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    For breakfast i give her mashed up fruit on apple rice cakes mainly because she's been constipated so toast doesn't help and i'm trying to get some fruit into her! She also won't let me spoon feed her at all. Are you looking for actual meals or just snacks? I haven't started giving Elia meals yet unless she can have something that we eat as she hardly swallows anything it either gets chewed and spat back out or she gives up and gets grizzly :D

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