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    My baby girl is 14 weeks old and EBF. She has never been a great sleeper and on a good night will get up 3-4 times to feed. A couple weeks ago she found her thumb, and while she would use to soothe herself during the day, she could never really put herself to sleep with it through the night.

    We are just coming out of a sleep regression, and she is finally sleeping 2.5-3 hour stretches again rather than 1 hour stretches. She has also begun sucking her thumb at night much more.

    Last night she would wake up and start sucking her thumb, but not cry or call out. She would maybe do a little squeak or grunt and would sometimes thump her legs. If she was in a different room I’d probably never wake up from hearing her on the monitor. When I turned on my nightlight to look at her, I’d see she had her eyes closed. I’m not sure if I should pick her up to feed her or let her try to put herself back to sleep.

    What I did last night was if it had been less than 2 hours since I had fed her I let her suck her thumb until she fell back asleep. If it had been more than 2 hours I picked her up to feed her.

    I’m just not sure if I can leave her longer or not if she’s not crying. I don’t want to mess with my milk supply or her weight gain. She’s a big baby (95th percentile) and feeds really frequently throughout the day. I also don’t mind comfort feeding if she’s upset and needs help settling. I’ve read that they can’t really self settle at this age, and I don’t want to ignore her if she’s struggling to calm herself down.

    Any advice or stories from people that have had similar experiences welcomed!

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