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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by kateqpr, Apr 7, 2009.

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    Poppy is feeding every 3 hours max, so i'm doing a feed approx midnight, OH does FF at 3am, i BF at 6am then 9am.

    Just wondering, when is she likely to feed less at night? I though the formula at night might have stretched her out a bit, but she still wakes exactly 3 hours after, no matter how much she has (and boy does she have a lot of formula in one sitting!! Piggy!)
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    Personally... if you are going to give a ff, I would do it at the 12 feed and see if that helps. Babies eventually start to get into a sleeping pattern, and like us, we sleep deeper earlier in the night, early morning we become easier to wake etc.

    Your baby is old enough to develope a good sleep pattern, even though some will disagree... I got lucky and Jasmine slept thruogh 11-6 or 7 at about 2 months. But she was ff, some bf babies sleep well through the night too... all babies are different.
  3. I dunno... cant help you there. My LO feeds the same. Shes formula fed at 11pm and 3am. Then breastfed at 6 and 9. Wakes like clockwork.

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