Nightshift sainsbury when pregnant?

Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by judge12, Nov 17, 2011.

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    I got an interview for a job to work 10 oclock till 6 am. I don't know what type of work it be as it says general assistance on their site but I am guessing most of it will be shelf stacking..

    I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant. Will it be ok for me to do this job? if I am careful with lifting? I will be losing my job at end this month and I need a job till at least january to qualify for matiernity allowance. I need to work.

    Has anyone done a nightshift at a supermarket tell me if it is all shelf stocking?
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    i would actually say no, as they would have to risk assess you straight away and would probably say for health and safety reasons you couldnt do lifting etc etc

    it doesnt really matter what you want to do or how capable you fel you are, they have to cover themselves
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    Personally i wouldn't. Nightshift takes a big toll on your body even when you aren't pregnant. That on top of not being used to it already would put a lot of strain on you.
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    Hey. Im a nightshift manager (for asda). I was pregnant while doing this and also had a pregnant staff member working for me at one point. It is doable. But I found it hard.

    Being the manager i work longer hours than the job you will be applying for (12 hours per shift) plus i commute for an hour each way. I struggled because i was so tired and they let me move to dayshift for the last two months before i came off as i wasnt getting enough sleep.

    My colleague worked fine all the wau through her pregnancy. S he was given lighter duties, as many rest breaks as she needed, and given lots of help from everyone else on shift if there was something she was struggling wiuth.

    Depending on the store you work for there might be different roles on your nightshift, if its 24 hours there might be checkout jobs, which is where most supermarkets like to put pregnant colleagues. The only thing My risk assessment said i definitly couldnt do was work in fresh and frozen areas due to the prolonged exposure to low temperatures.

    I would still apply, and if you find later you are struggling they should still offer you alternative duties.

    Hope this helps

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