No insulin yet! Yay!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Momto4monkeys, Oct 4, 2013.

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    So, after my last worried post about going on insulin I emailed my blood glucose numbers and some questions to my dieticians then waited to hear back.
    First she said I was doing great research and should could tell I was really trying and that it was nice to deal with someone who cared and was concerned...made me feel a bit better. :) She said my numbers were pretty good and that they didn't see the need to refer me to another Dr as of yet, and that we'll see what the next week brings!

    As for my questions, My boyfriend out of the blue asked me yesterday morning "What was your number this morning?" I told him I didn't eat yet so I hadn't taken my test. He asked "oh...I thought you always took the test when you woke up!" I replied that no, I was always under the impression that I took my tests right before eating and then an hour after eating. I've been doing the same thing now, for about 5.5 weeks.
    Just to be sure, this was one of my questions for my dietician. She told me that my boyfriend was actually right, and that they recommend taking my fasting blood glucose right after waking up.
    I wanted to bang my head off of my table. I've been waking up, getting my kids ready for school, then coming back, making my breakfast, testing, eating and then retesting an hour later! So, basically waking at 6:45am and not actually testing until after 9am.
    I tested this morning, right after waking up and my number was completely normal and well within the normal range. Like, seriously? If they were so concerned about my number, why didn't they think to ask/make sure I was testing correctly!? In all my things it says to test before that's what I was doing...for 5.5 weeks! :dohh:

    So...hopefully now I'll be a-ok and can avoid any medications.

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