No symptoms, how do you deal with no reassurance?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by Moet, Jan 8, 2020.

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    I’m pregnant with my 4th child, 2 living, one I lost at 9 weeks. I had no major symptoms with my living children, mild nausea and some implantation bleeding. I had no symptoms with my loss until I started spotting around 6.5 weeks and went for a routine scan for dating and there was no heartbeat just before 9 weeks. I’m currently just over 5 weeks pregnant now (very thankful) but so scared because my sore boobs I had last week disappeared and I have had ZERO nausea (just like last time). I also didn’t get implantation bleeding (also like last time). I’m not as far along as I was when I started spotting with my loss. No spotting yet this time. How do you cope with the waiting for reassurance? My first appointment isn’t until the end of Jan.
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    Hi and congratulations!

    This is my 6th pregnancy- I have two children, and I've had three losses- one mc, one twin mmc and a molar pregnancy, so I absolutely get where you're coming from. I have never enjoyed first trimester, because I'm always on tenterhooks analysing every little symptom (or lack of symptoms :rolleyes:) and waiting for things to go wrong. I wish there was something I could say to reassure you, but the truth is it's just really bloody hard when you've had losses before not to compare and think that it will happen again.

    But if it helps at all, in terms of symptoms, I don't have many- sore boobs (which come and go) and needing to go for a wee a lot and honestly that's about it, aside from being permanently exhausted but then I do have two kids so I might not be able to blame that on the pregnancy ;)

    One of my friends had basically no symptoms with all 5 of her pregnancies- three that ended with living children and two losses, so I think sometimes there's no pattern with these things. With the exception of my twin miscarriage where I think I could tell from early on that something was 'up' I couldn't honestly say there was much of a difference symptom-wise between my pregnancies that worked out and those that didn't.

    But all that said, I'm still driving myself batty this time round, comparing and worrying. The only thing that's helping really is keeping myself busy and distracted. I have my first midwife appointment next week and I'm hoping that because of my history I'll be sent for an early scan but if not I'm considering paying for one privately because 12 weeks feels like a hell of a long time away!

    Hugs :hugs2:

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