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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by hairftsher, Mar 28, 2020.

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    Hi everyone!

    I am not here to announce any success stories of my own just yet, but I am wondering if any of you have found success after losing weight, or have a story similar to mine?

    I have always been overweight, and as soon as I hit my 20's, I quickly became obese. I have always had regular cycles, & to be honest, have always been on the hairy side... lol, to which I have always blamed my Italian roots. I got pregnant the second month of trying with my son. I weighed 240lbs at my first prenatal appointment. Went on to have a fabulous pregnancy, although I did have high blood pressure near the end & was induced as a result.

    Fast forward to a year after my son's birth, my husband & I discussed adding a second to the mix & we actually fell pregnant for a second time the first month we even vaguely tried. However, I was slightly heavier this time around (approx 255) & it resulted in a missed miscarriage (details in my signature).

    Since then............ nothing. I wouldn't go as far as to say we actively try a lot - there have certainly been many months over the past 4 years where we did not have sex during any of my suggested fertile days. I have gone to an OBGYN who said that I was not ovulating despite my regular cycle. I am very aware of my body, & I can pretty much tell that I am not ovulating based on a lack of EWCM. I have gotten "positive ovulation tests", but given that my body seems to be out of whack with no truly producing signs of ovulation, I don't believe my body is truly releasing an egg.

    Now... I am even heavier than I was then. I was at my highest at Christmas, an embarrassing 285 lbs. I have since lost 20 lbs, mostly because I turned 30 in January & am all of a sudden very much panicking that I am running out of a time & may not get to have a second child - something I so desperately hope for. I lost the 20 lbs pretty quickly, as do most who are severely overweight... I also began to take supplements (Inositol & D-Chiro) & my cycle this past month has been 24 days, what the what? My cycle is usually 32-34. I DID experience EWCM this month, although if I go by that it means my luteal phase was fairly short indeed. (Maybe 10 days but more like 9).

    I'm wondering... if anyone has had a similar background as me & has had success?
    I am going to continue on the path of weight loss in hopes that, that is what I need to really achieve my dreams of another child. I talk myself into believing this isn't the problem because many overweight women get pregnant, including myself in the past! & my period is regular! However, I know that regular periods really don't mean much in the grand scheme & I see no other explanation...

    It's also worth mentioning I did try two rounds of Femara to no avail.


    Anyone in the same boat? Anyone with advice?

    Thank you, so, so much.


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