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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by LM2104, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Sorry but a bit of a long story..
    My 20 month old developed diarrhea and sickness on top of a cold on Friday night. She was sick all friday and also sat daytime. Sat evening she developed a bit of a fever and we called the out of hours doc as she had cold hands and feet and blue lips and he sent and ambulance.

    We went to hospital, had dioralyte and had her checked and they sent her home, with no advice on what to do for her.

    SHe slept all night and seemed a bit better and we gave her more dioralyte this morning. Anyway after this she seemed a bit better and asked for food. She hadnt eaten for over 36 hours so we gave her plain food and she seemed to keep it down but she threw up all over me!

    Have any of your LOs had this bug? How long did it last? What did u do?
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    Hopefully she will be comoing to the end of it now, poor thing. Just keep her fluids up, maybe try with a bif of toast or something later on. If you still feel she is no better, dont hesitate phoning back the Dr's! She's your baby and you know best! Hope she is bettersoon :hugs: xxxxx

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