Not TTC - can spotting be my period?

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    My typical period is 25/26 days. First day spotting, next relatively heavy, then a normal flow, followed by 2-3 days of spotting. We had protected sex on July 17 (would have been during ovulation). I got what I assume was my period at 26 days. Then at 21 days I noticed spotting and figured it must be that start of a weird short cycle. But it never turned into my period. Lasted 4 days of hardly anything, nothing to need a pad or liner, really only noticeable because I kept checking and waiting for some kind of flow to start, then it stopped on Sunday.

    What the heck, was that my period? We’re not TTC. We used a condom but it did roll up at one point. I’m picking up a test today to be sure, but that would be crazy to be pregnant, right? I mean, why would I get a period as expected before the weird spotting, right? Maybe a ‘real’ period is just coming late?

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