O/T but an old friend just really upset me!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by alilou151, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Hi ladies just wanted to vent a little bit as Im quite taken aback by an email Ive just received from my 'friend' of 10years. We worked together for 3years until I moved away & we would email, text & meet up when I was home often. The 18mths I have got back with my husband & left it a while before I told her I know she doesnt like him & didnt want her to fall out with me. I told her I was pregnant at 13weeks by text..no reply. I emailed several times..no reply. I finally got in touch with an old work mate who told her to get in touch, god I thought something terrible had happened to her!

    Anyway I just on the off chance checked my old email address & yesterday I received an email saying:-
    1. You changed your email address & never told me (I did..twice but she obviously hadnt amended it)
    2. You moved & didnt let me know your new address (I did because she sent me a birthday present to this address! I remember opening it as I had just moved in..very odd!)
    3. You got back with your fella & kept it a secret for ages (for reasons explained above)
    4. You came home for xmas & never told me, Im assuming you didnt want to meet up with me! (I was gobsmacked by this! I would never be so nasty, I only had a week at home & being the first time Id gone home in ages I was visting family & mum was making a fuss of me & the bump also people are busy with their own family over xmas)

    I thought the email to be very matter of fact & Ive been sat here crying as Ive lost a very good friend over things I havent even done! & she didnt even say congratulations! She went on to say her mother in law had cancer which is sad news but she said she was very busy with her & to take care. That was it. I never thought our friendship could end so abruptly & for sillyness. I'm 30 & she's 35 we're not kids but feel like shes acting like one!
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    if shes acting like that i'd rather not have her as a friend sorry im no help xxxxxxxxx
  3. Mother of 4

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    I agree what kind of friend would treat you like that. I would reply back and let her know that none of what she wrote is true and your sorry she feels that way. Obviously she has some issues.
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