o/t fun while we're waiting for our LOs...what's the soundtrack of your life?

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    Since we all seem to be a bit stressed between docs, pain, waiting, and constant urination, I found a fun survey to take our minds off everything for a few minutes!

    What is the soundtrack of your life?
    Directions: Choose a song for each event listed below that would be playing if your life was a movie:

    here's mine:

    First Day of School: Mad World from the donnie darko soundtrack

    First Kiss: Passionate Kisses bt Mary Chapin-Carter

    First Relationship: Lucky by Bif Naked

    First Breakup: Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick

    Sex Song: Good Girls Don't by The Knack

    Prom Night: Dancing Queen by Abba

    Graduation: No Day but Today from Rent (I went to a performing art's school, trust me, it's fits)

    Vacation: Open Road Song by Eve 6

    First job: Manic Monday by the Bangles

    First Dance/Wedding song: Vermillion Pt. 2 by Slipknot (it really was our first dance)

    Giving Birth: Your Song by Elton John

    Mid-life crisis: The River by Bruce Springsteen

    Retirement: The Weight by The Band

    Funeral Song: Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah McGloghlin (sp?)

    So what's your soundtrack?

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