odd cycles since coming off POP PILL

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    Hi everyone!

    I came off the Noriday pill in January. Had a 35 day cycle between then and any sort of bleed. Last month I had around a week of constant EWCM around the time I should have ovulated and then started my period on CD25. I did take a test the day before i got AF but it was negative ( was an early response test)

    Im now on CD8 and my boobs are killing - abnormally painful! I'm thinking its my body trying to get back into a normal cycle..

    does any one have any experience of coming off the pill and re regulating?? I was on microgynon before i had my little girl and when i stopped that , we feel pregnant the next month !
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    I went on the POP in 2019. Prior to that I'd had long, irregular (ish) cycles anything between 30 and 38 days (I have PCOS.)

    After going on the pill I had one short, 14 day cycle then a 23 day cycle before coming off it (it doesn't really agree with me, and OH and I were happy to NTNP) I then had a 27 day cycle and fell pregnant.

    Unfortunately, I miscarried in February. I had two natural cycles after my miscarriage (32 and 31 days) before going back on the POP as we weren't quite ready to try again yet and needed some time. I had another short cycle (25 days this time) before they became consistently 27 day cycles. After a few months we were ready to TTC so I came off again, had a 26 day cycle then fell pregnant.

    Sadly I miscarried again :( and had a pretty terrible time with it. I didn't want to go back on the mini pill but felt like the alternative would be another pregnancy and loss which I just couldn't cope with so after my first period came back, I started taking the POP again and had consistent 27 day cycles for 3 months then my last two cycles have been 25 days each. I'm now off the pill (for good this time! I'm so fed up of it!) and we're crossing everything that next time I get pregnant I can stay pregnant. Even if I do miscarry again, I'm fed up of feeling so hormonal and having so many migraines so I can't imagine going back on it again.

    Basically, the short answer to your question is that each time I've come off it, it's taken me 2 cycles to conceive but both times I've miscarried.

    I was on the POP in-between having DS1 and DS2 (a different pill brand though that I don't think they make anymore!) and had a similar experience, in that I conceived 2nd cycle of trying but miscarried. I then didn't go back on the pill and conceived DS2 pretty much straight away.

    I'm having investigations into recurrent miscarriage so really doubt the pill is in any way related to my losses but I do think it drastically alters my cycles (making them much shorter and making my PMS a lot worse.)

    Not sure if that helps or not but good luck! I hope your cycle sorts itself out soon.

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