OH is having morbid dreams again

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Abz1982, Apr 21, 2009.

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    OH confided in me that he has been having a recurring dream/nightmare about me dying during childbirth, and its now escalated to him losing both me and the baby. I have tried to reassure him that it wont happen, but he is terrifed. He started crying at work yesterday as he couldnt get the thought out of his head :cry:.
    I dont know how to make him feel better.....It also doesnt help that I to have had the same dreams, and I for some reason cant vision anything past the next few weeks. I have had no dreams of bringing baby home or the 3 of us together. So I am slightly worried as well.

    Please tell me that other people are like this?
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    cant help sorry, but sending some :hugs:
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    My husband has told me that his biggest fear about labour and the birthing experience is me dying, and worst case scenario baby dying too. I don't think he's had any nightmares as such but I think it's a common male concern as it's been mentioned in some of the alternative birthing books I've read.

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