Oh no! Bad sleeping habits!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Chel, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I've previously been a massive CIO advocate - within reason of course - and Jasper has responded soooo well to it, he's been easily self settling since he was 8 weeks old.

    He's about 4.5 months now and he's just gotten over a cold (which I still have) and I was settling him to sleep either with the boobie, in the pram, cuddles, rocking etc, while he was sick, because he was so stuffed up he would end up covered in snot from crying and also... I couldn't let my sick baby cry, seriously!

    SO he's 95% well now, he's just got a teeny bit of a runny now, but a week of being 'helped' to sleep and now if I put him in bed he screams and screams and screams - not 'crying' SCREAMING! He's also waking more in the night for feeds and comfort. Maybe he's still a little sick, so I'll give him another week... but I do think its more that he's 'forgotten' how to self settle... because its nicer when mummy does it!

    It's just I dont know how to handle it... I KNOW he's fine, I KNOW he's safe, I KNOW its best, but I've never heard him scream like that, its breaking my heart.

    He's currently asleep in his pram, because it take 2 minutes of rocking back and forth in the pram vs. 20 miutes of screaming to end up having to settle an overly distressed baby.

    I know I'm taking the 'easy' path, but I know its harder in the long run to let this continue.

    Anyone else dealt with this? Do you think he'll go back to 'normal' on his own, or do I need to toughen up with him? Because I know he can do it!

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