OMG i scared myself Sh*tless last night :(

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by tootsy1987, Apr 9, 2009.

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    I am not known for having nightmares, i had jumpy dreams in early stages of pregnancy cause i was worrying all the time but was really scary.

    I took my doxycycline antibiotic (has mmc last week, erpc last friday so on a weeks course of antibiotics) a bit late last night and hadnt ate for about an hour and half (should maybe have something on my tummy when taking them) i sat for half hour until it settled and watched tele. I turned off the tele about 1.45am as i was soo tired... i hadnt been watching any horror films or anything although i have been really scared that me and oh just have no luck at the minute (mc on 24th jan, lost our lovely puddy cat 1st March, found out about mmc 2nd April, ERPC 3rd April) :(

    I turned off the tele and pretty much fell straight asleep but i had a horrible nightmare.... me and oh were in a hotel room in bed... then this voice / figuire came storming in with a huge callender.... i got out of bed and grabbed the phone to phone the receptionist to phone the police when this voice started shouting at me ''Tara you dare phone them!!'' it petrofied me and i remember trying to wake myself up but i couldnt move, it was like someone was pinning me down to the bed and i couldnt wake up... when i eventually did wake myself up i was very confused and disorientated and petrofied, i was dripping wet with sweat and cause it was so dark and quiet it had really scared me... i sat up in confusion after the overwhelming errge to go back to sleep but i was too scared to as when i closed my eyes it started again :'( so i sat up in a daze and put the tele on until about 5am... i then was soo tired i managed to get back to sleep and as far as im aware i didnt have another nightmare :(

    Its just really scared me... i still shudder when i think about it cause it was soo creepy and unlike me... anyone have any suggestions what could have caused this? i have been feeling slightly confused while on these tablets but not had nightmare before.... could it be that maybe cause i took it on empty stumach and was already worrying that the tablet could have made things in my subcontious 10 times worse?

    Sorry for the very long winded discription lol! just really interested to see if anyone has had this or anything like it?

    Lotsa love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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