OMG!.... What came out my babies... buttt??

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by LilDreamy, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. LilDreamy

    LilDreamy Guest

    So Alexa will be 8 Months in about 3 days...

    I recently had to remove her from her baby sitter and started sending her to a Child Development Center... Which I've heard horror stories, and I've heard amazing things about it. So I was going to give it a test run. It looks VERY GOOD.... But...

    The first day I went to pick my baby up, she saw me, and I turned to sign her out, and she Started crying her eye's out thinking I was about to leave. Actual tears were coming out of her eye's. Something I have never seen before. Usually when I would go pick her up from her baby sitter, she would kick her legs in excitement and make "Hurry grab me" Grunts and throw her arms towards me.

    THEN The CDC Personnel told me, she only drank 1 BOTTLE with 2oz of milk ALL DAY.
    My baby girl is VERY BIG and she loves her milk and food.

    So either they REALLY suck... or she was distracted too much to eat. It's just almost unbelievable.

    ANYway... sorry... I went off topic.

    Yesterday she seemed really happy when I picked her up, so I thought everything was good... until this morning when I changed her diaper...

    She had whole Peas... something that looked like tomatoes... and possibly a meat, was in her diaper... with the usual wet, orangish yellow poop babies have. But there was more whole food than the poop.

    AHHHH!! wtf?????

    Alexa eats all kinds of baby food. Pretty much every kind that they offer... but it's like the saucey type... not whole food....

    Could they possibly be messing up my childs digestive system by giving her these whole foods like this???? Her body is obviously not absorbing it, if it's coming out whole.

    AH! I'm so close to getting rid of this CDC... and find a different baby sitter.
  2. 2016

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    Aug 12, 2009
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    If you look in the weaning section, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) let's LOs have whole foods right from the start. It's supposed to have all sorts of benefits though I think the centre should have discussed what they would give her before just going ahead! What if you were vegetarian or she was allergic to peas?
  3. punk_pig

    punk_pig Guest

    A few issues here:

    If she was happy last time you collected her then what happened the first day was probably just down to it being her first day.

    I don't thinknshe drank so little cos they didn't offer it to her, they brought it to your attention because they know you'd want to be aware of it.

    Food wise I'm no expert but maybe it takes time to get used to digesting whole foods but I'm sure some babies are on finger foods from 6months. I still see peas and tomato skin in my poop now as they are difficult to fully digest.

    However you obviously have concerns so if I were you I'd make an appointment to go talk to them. Ask them how they approach eating and drinking etc. It is the only way to know if their approach fits in with yours.
  4. LilDreamy

    LilDreamy Guest

    Hmm.. I guess I haven't really researched babies eating whole foods. I didn't think they did that until they were about a year old... Lol. Not sure where I got that idea from. I thought it was wayyy to early. :shrug:
  5. kmac625

    kmac625 Mom to baby Clara

    Aug 9, 2009
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the poop because as others have said, people who blw give whole foods to their babies right from the start at 6 months. The issue I would have is that you've been giving her purees and they obviously haven't. Did you not discuss meals with them before registering her there? Sorry if this comes across harshly, but isn't that something you should have talked to them about before leaving her there. I don't think it's safe to assume they would give the same kind of food you've been feeding her without asking. On the other hand, if you did discuss it with them and then they did something completely different than what was discussed, I'd be really upset and would take it up with a supervisor. I have no idea about the milk because I bf, so I don't know how that would work. Maybe she was upset the first day at being at a different place than she was used to and that's why she didn't have very much milk?
  6. Cattia

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    Jan 11, 2009
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    I agree, whole foods are absolutely fine from 6 months and they need to move beyond purees before the she of one as they need to develop the chewing muscles which are important for speech later on. However there is s communication issue by the sound of things, what babies usually eat and a detailed breakdown of their daily routine ought to be a part of any induction process. I would have a chat to them and make sure uou know exactly what her daily routine etc will be. There might be othefs things they are doing differently as well, such as putting her for sleeps at different times that may be affecting how much she drinks. I would say it is normal for them to be unsettled at first so the fact that she was happy by day two is a good sign, but you have to be happy too.
  7. LilDreamy

    LilDreamy Guest

    I did discuss with them what she eats and likes to eat. When they told me to circle the foods that she can eat... I proceeded to circle everything... peas, green beans, and so on.

    I didn't discuss them as being whole foods or not, because I personally thought babies couldn't eat that, so I ASSUMED it was pureed.

    Thanks for the responses! :)

    I'm ok now... lol
  8. peanut84

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    my LO loves eating whole food so i wouldnt worry about it to much hun xx
  9. BethK

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    My LO does the crying thing when i pick her up from Nursery too, she's just telling me off though for leaving her, i know she loves being there.

    We did BLW and LO was on solids from 6 months.

    LO wouldn't drink at nursery either, only water in her beaker, she would take about an ounce. However as she was on 4 bottles, each 7 oz she could afford to cut out one so we dropped the 11am bottle and now she's on 3 bottles a day, still 1 too many but she loves the milk.

    Maybe you could drop a bottle?

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