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    ok so i am crapping myself hubby and myself were having dinner last night and he just blurts out he wants to start trying now.

    so between trying to keep my food down and not choking i said why so urgent?
    he answers well why wait?

    Like OMG can so totally tell he is only home from 6pm till 6am does that man have any idea what life is like at home with 2 kids under 3?

    Now don`t get me wrong i cant wait to start trying but my youngest is only 13 months and i would like to wait a little longer.

    Can anyone help me with telling him wait a little longer without hurting his feelings?
  2. lu-is

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    Hmm... that's a pickle.

    I would explain to him that you want really enjoy things the way they are for another [insert number] months before you start TTC. You want that final opportunity to savour your family for what it is at this moment. After another baby or even when you're pregnant you'll never be just the two of you and your two current children.

    Perhaps there is a goal, a trip, or some special event you can plan to do with your family right now. This will give you two a timeline/goal, a great memory, and buy you some extra time.
  3. odd_socks

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    ^^ wss really......its a good thing that he wants to try again though :D :thumbup:

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