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    Abby is often very unintentionally funny, she's had some cracking one liners.

    A few that spring to mind;

    About 18 months old at the doctors we gave her one of those tongue sticks to play with. She leans up and puts it into my chest saying "stick in mummy's cleavage" You really don't want for "cleavage" to be one of the first words your child learns!

    At about 2 we were sitting watching a programme with monkeys. There were some baby ones and I asked my husband "what are baby monkey's called" and she pipes up "I think they are called Steve"

    At a restaurant aged about 3 she was pulling at my top and I asked her not to saying "nobody wants to see my boobies" she responds with "daddy does" It wouldn't have had the same impact if the waitress hadn't have been at the table and heard the whole thing.

    She makes us laugh at least once a day - but always quietly as she hates being laughed at!

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