One of the most mind challenging things I've ever done...

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    Well I dont know, Im just saying what My uncle said and he is a nyc cop. :shrug:
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    I didn't realise they were seen to be so necessary in the states. Like a pp said, over here they're seen as an optional extra that many people don't bother with. I think, if I wasn't happy with installing the car seat without the base, I definitely would've got one. But it's so quick and easy in my car, and it holds the car seat tighter than the base does - without that wiggle room. Must depend on the car.
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    The problem with installing just the car seat is only if you don't know how to install it properly and obtain the right angle so that an infant is sitting back and not forward (no more then 45 degree angle). In the case of an accident, if an infants head is in the wrong position it can cause head and neck injuries. In that way, the base is generally safer because the base insures proper angle of the car seat by the use of a foot.

    As long as someone knows how to install an infant car seat without the base to ensure a correct angle (some car seats have a bead on the side of the carseat that will sit in a green zone if it's at the right angle and in red if it is not), it is just as safe as with the base. It can take a lot of wiggling and pulling on the belt to get it in the correct place, and only 3 point belts are recommended for use with any car seat, lap belts are not recommended for use in the united states.

    For a short time, it was made illegal on a state to state basis that all car seats with bases had to use the base because of the fact that the car seat was not intended for use without the base. Most car seats these days can be bought with an optional base at an additional charge and therefore can be used without a base. If it is in the instructions on how to install your car seat without a base then your car seat is approved to be installed with or without a base. That underlined part came directly from the Gardiner Police Department in the state of Maine and was based off of the federal minimum regulations for car seat safety in 2010.

    Furthermore, most US manufactured car seats that I have looked at (not all), have the option of both the latch system as well as belt. I got the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 that the latch system comes out of the belt slot for 3 point belt installation. My car is a 1999 Subaru Forester and does not have a isofix latch but my car seat is easy to install and takes a bit of wiggling and pulling the belt to get it tight enough so that the base doesn't move at all where the belt is attached and very minimal wiggle room when moving the car seat around by the handle. This is the second infant car seat that has been installed in this car and we have also installed a convertible car seat that my son is currently in as well.

    This is a site that lists all US state car seat laws and individual state pages include links to state government laws.

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