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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Katteh, Oct 1, 2013.

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    My little man initially fed from both sides but at around 7 weeks he started only needing one side. I always offer the second but most of the time he doesn't want it, it's only at bedtime that he empties both.

    I keep hearing its bad for supply to do one side per feeding though, does anyone know if that's the case?

    I'm wondering if I have a bit of an over supply because by the time he is due to feed, my boob is pretty solid (especially in the mornings) and he doesn't always even manage to finish one side. My boobs are always rock hard in the morning too, despite him feeding 3 times in the night (dream feed at 10 and 2 night feeds).

    His weight gain has slowed a bit recently so I'm constantly second guessing everything I'm doing as I worry I'm doing something wrong! He is also a very fussy feeder.

    This breastfeeding malarkey isn't half stressful... He is 12 weeks now and I thought we would have it sorted by now.

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