Opinions please!!! Implantation spotting or early period?????????

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by SummerLily, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Jan 1, 2011
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    After a discussion with hubby and lots of searching online ( which NEVER does me any good ) I now dont know whats happening !!

    I had 3 spots of very light pink spotting 2 days ago ( it would have been 11 days after ovulation and 6 days before my period was due ) I have always had regular 28-29 day cycles and have never experianced spotting at any time before my period was due . On top of that since the 'spotting' the evening of it and the following day I had a fair bit of one and off cramping in my left ovary. Combined with that I have had really sensetive nipples , some bloating and the need to pee twice a night !!!

    So.. everything was looking so positive , which was fantastic , i wasnt getting my hopes up ( well maybe a little bit) because we wasnt tracking this month because were due to start clomid on day 2-6 of next cycle !!!

    And today .. AF due on friday and ive had a mood change. and today im snappy.. which usually accompanies me in the war against my hubby a week before AF will make an appearance !! so he now thinks that she is most definatly on her way!

    Anyone have any advice /opinions ? im determined not to test untill my period is a day late otherwise ill only drive myself mad with wonder!! If i only had IB a couple of days ago then it wouldnt show on a test anyway ?? would it ??? oh, if only moodiness was a sign of pregnancy !!!
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    I'm with you there, I had brownish spotting about 7 days ago but it was about 4 days after ovulating... AF due 13th Xx good Luck
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Good luck and please tell us your outcome. I am in a similar situation. I had brown spotting three days ago which was very very intermittant, followed by a pale pink splurge last night which only lasted for one wipe and now nothing.
    However, pregnancy test is negative. I have no idea when my period is due as I am irregular, but last period was about 5 weeks ago.
    I am just wondering now how long after an implantation bleed you have to wait before getting a BFP.
    With my last pregnancy which sadly miscarried, I had a positive test only 2 days after the first spotting.
    I wish I had more info on how long after an IB it takes to show up positive.
    Good luck and hopefully this is looking good for you x

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