+opk 3 weeks after D&C but still v faint bfp, could i be ovulating???

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by twinkle2, Nov 13, 2011.

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    I have been doing hpts to make sure they are getting fainter and i am getting the faintest of lines now on them so i know the hcg is almost all out of my system, as the hpts have been getting fainter so have the opks (didn't want to miss ovulation so have been doing both every day, crazy I know).

    However, today i have got a very faint bfp but a very strong positive on opk - could I be ovulating even though still getting bfp or is it my body playing tricks on me? Why would the opks be getting lighter and then suddenly turn positive? Don't think i have had any EWCM - had a blob of brown ewcm (sorry tmi) about 5 days ago and we had our first BD a few days ago and i've been spotting a bit but nothing major just tiny bit of brown/peach.

    Anyone had this happen and it turned out they did ovulate??? If I AM ovulating I will be amazed as i am waiting until i get all hormones out of my system so i can take meds to induce AF so can start clomid as I don't usually ovulate on my own. could the miscarriage have kickstarted my system? it's all sooooo confusing!

    Thanks so much in advance. xx

    ps- i have been doing bbt but couldn't do this morning as i've been up all night with my DS.

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