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Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by RedRose19, Jun 22, 2019.

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    So I've never been able to rely on opks and I have read it's due to the pcos. I was just wondering it everyone was the same? Anyone with pcos and able to use opks fine?
    Mine are always dark randomly never quite positive it's so dis heartening more because I feel its like a sign my body isn't working like it should.
    I'm currently losing weight I've another 2 stone to go and usually my ovulation kicks back into action once I've lost a good amount but I'm wondering will opks start to work then or still likely to be un reliable?
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    Opks have never been reliable for me because of pcos. I know i have never ovulated because i have never had a natural period only breakthrough bleeding, but i used to use opks before I knew more about pcos and i used to get positives despite there not even being a mature follicle. From what I understand the LH surge that a false positive detects causes the egg to stop maturing and to turn into a cyst. If you start ovulating after losing weight then based on what I know this means that your hormones are more balanced and closer to where they should be so it makes sense that opk's will be more accurate but that's only assuming that you start ovulating every single cycle. If you start ovulating again but not consistently you might have better luck with temping.

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