OT : Anyone have a Ford S-Max..? Opinions please..

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by ouchwithNo.2, Jan 29, 2011.

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    The time has come (well, it had come when I bought my current car if I am honest) to get something BIGGER.
    Currently have a little Skoda Fabia VRS and I adore it but with a leggy 6yr old and a 7mth old plus a mahoosive buggy where I already keep the seat unit on the front passenger seat :dohh: I need something bigger....
    OH is selling his audi (has a Navara for a company car - construction industry so a audi S3 isn't exactly ideal and never used) and if I sell my mine we can get a nice S-Max.
    HE wants me to have a family car, the Navara just has the flatbed bit on the back, no boot as such even though it has rear cab seats.
    So, I dislike saloon style cars so mondeos, audi A4, octavia etc are out of the question as are smaller hatches - even the new golf isn't really big enough if we want to go away.
    I don't need a range rover (or have the budget for a sport) so looking at an S-Max...
    It will be diesel as we have a fuel card for it so does anyone own that could offer their opinion???

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