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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by charlieann, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    bit off topic but sooo pissed off with other half's family.
    there so inconsiderate at times. baby's due in less than 4 weeks, around the same time the rsvp's are due for our wedding!
    were having small registry office with just immediate family and grandparents, due to being messed about so much with all the other options we looked into and the fact we dont want anything over the top. my mum has insited on a sit down meal and is paying for it so im leaving the organising of that up to her.
    o/h has 5 aunts and uncles on both sides of his family. one (who i think is a second cousin rather than aunt, but we regulalry see at family parties) returned the rsvp with 10 adults! theres only the parents, two adult sons and one of the sons long term gf, i count 5. i turns out she extended the invite to her s-i-l and family who i have never met and OH has met once. i wanted to go all crazy down phone at her, luckily OH sorted it and told her she can bring them to the evening disco but as we dont know them nothing else and she was fine with this. grrr, she's being seated at the back near the door.
    this is the same woman that told me off for telling her sex of baby as she wanted it to be a surprise- wtf!!. i was talking to another relative that had been passed on loads of baby clothes. boxes of pink and blue so wanted to know which i wanted.
    future sis in law phoned OH today to let us know one of the uncles wasn't coming. reason being if he wasnt invited to ceremony then he wasnt gonna bother coming over at all. poor SIL is having to deal with all his relatives, they keep asking her about all the plans for wedding and all seem to think they invited to ceremony, even though the additional details of venue etc was only put into few invites.
    im just glad OH and SIL have been so good at sorting them out, cuz i would be so stressed by now and would have flipped out at so meny of them that nobody would be there. just need to ensure that future MIL and step MIL dont argue about who'll hold baby (the answer being neither of them!)
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    Ha, as if sending an invite to one person/family then means they can invite who they like!!! Cheeky!!!
    Good luck! I'm dreading my turn!
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    i cant believe she extended the invite like that! Shocking!

    At least its sorted! Its good your OH and SIL to be are being so good, you dont need any extra stress. We had a simple registry and back to ours after wedding and people made it more stressful than it needed to be.. but on the day everything was perfect! Im sure yours will be too! x

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