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Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by amy123xx, Jan 24, 2011.

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    hey all! just come back from early pregnancy and i am soo happy! we got to see our little beanyy! it was the best experience EVER!!.. i got my dating scan on Wednesday but went into hospital sat night with bleeding and slight cramps.. had my bloods taken, had a sort of smear examination and turns out i had thrush and a saw on my cervix which sometimes causes bleeding, but my womb was closed so a good sign. the nurse booked me in for an early scan today and i am now soo soo relived everything is fine!! .. didnt get to have a scan photo tho, got to wait for my dating scan :D .. i also got told that im 9 weeks preg when we thought 9 weeks 5 .. so isnt too bad, only 5 days out!! thanks to all of your for your support on my other threads too!! much love xxx
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    That's wonderful, glad you and LO are okay! :hugs:
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    Yay, so happy to hear everythings still going well. Congrats :)

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