Overproduction, PCOS, too much foremilk and not gaining weight, need advice

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by littleL, Jan 27, 2011.

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    I have PCOS and apparently that can cause overproduction and I seem to have all the symptoms. Painful let down and him gulping and choking, leaking too much, lo not gaining weight, has green poo from having too much foremilk, always colicy and fussy (he's just over 3 weeks now). I'm also having to deal with thrush :(

    Wanted to know if anyone been through this and what helped you. Any advice about diet, what I should avoid or have more of? I always try to feed one breast at a time but not always sure he's finished as he tends to fall asleep after about 15/20 mins.
    I've been avoiding expressing as that seems to make me sore and I've heard that can increase supply even more.
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    Dec 19, 2009
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    id try sage tea, avoid whole oats , rasberryleaf tea and fenugreek as those will just make it worse,
    expressing is very likely to increase your supply, you can however get in a hot bath/shower make sure your breasts are warm and give them a good massage and let whatever drips out drip out,
    fussiness is probably due to trapped wind from an overintake of foremilk, you can feed till you get let down take a break and collect any overspill/spray you get then when you let down eases then relatch him so he gets more of the hind milk, Block feeding helps its where you use the same side for more than one feed like for 4 hours only using one side then swapping it makes the otherside uncomfortable but the more milk is storeed in the breast tissue the more hormone it releases to stop milk production

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