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    Hey guys my names Tiffany im 22 And I'm pretty new to this been trying to conceive for a year , finally got insurance so went to doc to see what was wrong and was diagnosed with pcos so I was put on metformin and prenatal . Before metformin I would only have one period a year , after starting met had AF 3 weeks later:happydance: so decided to start using opks this cycle hoping I ovulated my first month!!!! I used cheap ones so I am not really sure what I am looking for hoping you guys could help me out . ( Pics are attached )The lighter one is from today which is cd21 and the darker one is from cd 15 DTD cd13 cd 15 and cd17. After the cd15 test they pretty much started getting lighter , so kinda confused to as if it was a true positive for ovulation:shrug:. Starting Cd17 I have been spotting at first it was brown with cm and now it's like a peachy color , not sure what that is either never had that before I still have it today on cd21 but its extremely light

    Any thoughts would help a ton as just starting is very confusing .

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