Ovulation or Implantation?

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    Ok I am not sure when I ovulate because I have crazy cycles. One was 55 days I had another that was 44 and one that was 37. Ok So here is how my last cycle went.
    Dec 6 I got my period and we weren't really ttc that month so again I get my period Jan 6th. A 32 day cycle.
    Jan 19 I get this sharp pain on left side like a cramp. *I am guessing mittelschmerz but I dont know*. I also started to notice watery cervical fluid.
    Jan 20th more watery fluid
    Jan 21st more watery fluid and crampy
    Jan 22nd lots of ewcm. *I assume this is Ovulation because of the EWCM again I am not really sure tho*
    Jan 23rd more EWCM in the AM and that night mixed in with EWCM is a little bright pink streak of blood.
    Jan 24th light brown creamy discharge cp is high and closed.
    Jan 25th cp high closed and light brown/pink creamy discharge.
    Jan 26th (today) cp a little lower cant tell if its more open or closed.

    Ok so here are my questions. Is the day I felt that sharp pain the day I ovulated or is the ewcm the day i ovulated? I know every body is different but I am just wanting an opinion. Also is the brown discharge from ovulation or is it possibly implantation bleeding if I ovulated the day I felt the cramp? I have NEVER had ovulation bleeding...Only time I have ever experienced brown discharge like this was when I was prego with ds and it was about 2 wks before my period was due and as far as I can remember it was darker brown. Sorry for TMI and Thanks for any input you may have!! Again I know there is no cut and dry answer I am just looking for your personal opinion! Thanks!!

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