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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by dlove11, Aug 5, 2007.

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    Aug 5, 2007
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    hello everyone, my cycle tends to change month to month..my LMP was on 7/12 and the one before that was on 6/13 which is 29 days so im assuming my fertile days were probably from 7/24 - 7/29 if im correct...i had unprotected sex on the 28 what are my chances of gettin prego?...im not sure how long the fertile days really are im going by some sites i was on..most say my ovulation day was the 27th..that day i do remember gettin menstrual like cramps and wierd twinges on my left side so i think i could of been ovulating..but i didnt have sex til the next day..:dohh:

    ALSO:i have read in some places that one can also get these symptoms a day or so before ovulating during or after..dont know how true that is..but i hope i caught my egg
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    They say for a 29 day cycle it would be around day 12+ I think! I was 28 day cycle & ovulated on day 13 (they say 14). It can vary from woman to woman. Some may O earlier or later in a cycle!

    Pains on side sound like they could be O pains :D

    If you O on the date you think you may have conceived bubba GOOD LUCK

    My best advice is to use OPKs or chart your cycle :D

    Baby dancing every day is not adviced and no sex for a while prior to sex may not be a good thing either :D x
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    i too had a hard time finguring out when i O. i would recommend fertilityfriend.com for charting your temps. its a really useful tool. and yes, i believe you could have concieved. i had unprotected sex what i thought was the day after i O and look at me now!! :)
  4. Tam

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    Good Luck with a BFP! :hugs:x

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