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    first some background. i had my baby 15.5weeks ago. i was induced due to being overdue but ended up with a csection as i wasnt dilating enough and babys heart rate kept dropping.
    everything seems to have healed fine i bled for three weeks was breastfeeding and stopped on the 15th. first period came on 21st. was very light and lasted four days.
    me and oh started having sex 5weeks after baby was born but was painful. was still painful at 8weeks so hv said to see doctor. did swabs and all came back clear. saw him when i was on period but i wouldnt let him look because was on period. he said hopefully it was hormonal and would be fine...
    well its not its still painful. sometimes its fine but other times, and positions, its not. i dont think about it when we go to have sex so its not a mental thing. and also im getting hot sweats all over the place am feeling sick at times am TMI quite dry down there and no matter how hard im trying weight isnt shifting. am going away next week but got doctors just after.
    so was wondering if anyone had anything like this???? oh and im 21 if that makes any difference

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