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    Hey ladies,

    Last time I was pg, I had little stabbing pains from a very early stage. I think I was about 11-12dpo when I first noticed them and was one of my indicators that I could be pregnant. Anyways, they were quite often, a couple of times an hour I'd say, most of the day. They lasted right up to about 5 or 6 days after I m/c and then went. Oh, I should probably tell you where. They were inside, but really down low. Like I assumed it was my cervix as I imagined I'd be able to reach where the pain was if I were to feel inside.

    Anyways, I'm 15dpo today, didn't have a period before trying again, and found out we were lucky first month. I had a couple of these pains at about 10dpo, but nothing until today. When I first felt them this time, I assumed it was a good thing, but then as the days went on and I didn't feel them, I realised maybe it was something wrong last time, and then I m/c.

    However, I have been feeling them again today, and now I am worried as I think they are linked to something being wrong. I know it's probably just my mind playing tricks on me, and I know pains are normal, but this low? I have had a scout around but I can't see anyone who has had pains this low. They aren't take your breath away type, but they do hurt, like someone is poking me with something pointed.

    Has anyone had these? Are they normal? Or is it just one of those things I will have to wait and see? Anybody got any experience with these, or advice?

    Thanks girls :hugs:

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