Pale pink spotting at 6dpo after sex when wiping one time. Who had this happen and had a BFP?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by JojosJenny, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. JojosJenny

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    Oct 11, 2019
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    So we dtd at 6dpo(CD20) Due for my period in 4 days ( I am 7dpo today) i ALWAYS get IB when I am pregnant and it was the same type of spotting as this (just brought on by sex), but also spot before AF but only a day or two before. I NEVER spot with sex unless its right before AF, and it will keep coming on. Since this happened I haven't had any more spotting, and it has gone to creamy/tacky and then had some EWCM/watery today...weird I know! (I know I O'd because I had strong O cramps on CD14.)

    Curious if anyone had this and ended up with a BFP!
  2. Trixiebell

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    I am currently experiencing exactky the same thing. FX'd it is a good sign x
  3. Mrs Mac

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    Oct 16, 2020
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    Hi, I have irregular cycles, my last cycle was 38 days and af also started exactly 2 weeks after my positive ovulation so thought it may be a pattern but...
    my last af began on 31st jan currently day 36 so not actually at the 38 days yet. I decided to test on day 34 but negative.
    I had a light bleed / but can’t even call it that because it was more CM with a tiny bit of blood. Only occasionally.
    Thought af was starting but no sign (this happened for a few days and didn’t come
    To af) which was in the time frame to be implantation bleeding. Then the last few days it came back but seems to be away.
    Not a clue what’s going on, I’ll test again in a few days if af hasn’t arrived.

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