Periods and breastfeeding (and the coil!)

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Pearls18, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I got mine back last week (I think because I stopped BF in the day 3 weeks ago due to going back to work so only BF at night now)

    I have the copper coil fitted now so I am a bit nervous as to how my periods are going to be as before falling pregnant I was on the pill for 5 years and fell the cycle I came off it, so no idea what my periods are like naturally now.

    Firsty, I was wondering- if I suddently start BF more then normal; eg. because he starts waking up more, is poorly or something- can that mean my periods could stop again?? Or should I expect a period monthly-ish from now on??

    How were your periods after having a baby and still breastfeeding?? Did it take a while for you to be regular and stuff???

    (I'm avoiding the pill due to PMT but I am missing the regularity of it all!)
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    My periods took 2 cycles to normalize ( they returned 3 months after having LO) and I still exclusively BF and my period is like clockwork. I had the coppercoil in a few years ago when I was still BFing DD1 (although she was a year old so not EBF) and my periods were irregular, heavy. I then took it out as I didn't like irregularity.
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    I've not had many yet...

    After Otter I had 2 full cycles. They came back when he was 14 weeks. The first was pretty long, the second was a bit shorter. The third I got pg. Oops. haha!

    After DD, I had the copper coil fitted. No AF for 8 months. I got my first and it was short and light. I just had my second exactly 28 days after my first (which is odd for me, they are usually 30-35 days. :shrug: ). It was more normal length and heaviness.

    Some ladies remain very irregular for as long as they are BFing, some don't.

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