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    lastnight charlie woke up n wouldnt go back to sleep at 3am, so i put him in bed with me anyway he sleeps on his tummy now, obviously with him beeing 9 months he just sleeps however he wants (normaly on his belly right at the top of the cot) so he rolled over on too his belly and snuggled right in to the pillow, so with it beeing 3 am and i was knackerd (i cant sleep if hes in bed with me) i put a pillow in his cot with him, he done the same in his cot and went straight to sleep. i took it out in the morning and hes gone to bed fine without it tonight but my question is, is he ok to sleep with a pillow now i know they say 1year but??
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    The recommended age is 12+ but if you see your baby is ok with a pillow you can buy one for him there just like ours but way smaller ..just no down feather ones

    max has his lil pillow too

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